BLUERICH FOODS: Everyone can't be wrong at the same time.

We Are Locally Crafted Food & Wine Serving Since 2022.

Bluerich Food, Bakery, and Restaurant were borne out of an unending passion for developing a nourishing world where everyone can have a taste of hygienic nutritional foods and confectionery at an affordable price in an accessible location.
The Bluerich Food, Bakery, and Restaurant is committed to ensuring uncompromising excellence and quality as the most important ingredients of a standard meal.


Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 8PM
Saturday - Sunday | 9AM - 4AM

Give yourself a treat with our specially prepared Bluerich Sharwarma! ₦1,500

Bluerich Shawarma is a blend of distinctive flavor of dietary fiber, magnesium, iron , calcium and antioxidants which improve energy levels for active muscles. Bluerich Shawarma contains such Vitamins A & B6 which is vital for clear vision, and a strong immune system.

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Visit Bluerich Food, Bakery and Restaurant to experience an unforgettable taste of satisfaction at its best.

Afang Soup


Fresh Juice


Fried rice




Good Food | Good Wine​

Wednesdays Means

Assorted Drinks!

Bluerich offers a collections of super hygienic brands of whiskey, a dark- grain alcohol with high level of polyphenols, plant based antioxidants capable of lowering risk of heart disease by reducing triglycerides or fat in the blood.
At Bluerich Food, Bakery and Restaurants, whiskey are served as a tonic to cure congestion, relieve joint pain, treatment of pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Because it is on record, however, that high intake of alcohol can lead to some serious health challenges. Bluerich Food, Bakery and Restaurants recommends that Whiskey’s benefits are associated with it’s low to moderate consumption.

Bluerich collection of Whiskeys’ seems to be more enjoyable when you seat round table(s) with friends because it motivate inspirational and informative discussion

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